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Compensation & Benefits

At SS&L, our commitment to rewarding our team’s hard work and talent is reflected in our competitive compensation package. We are proud to offer hourly wages, standing out as one of the mere 14% of architecture firms nationwide that pay overtime, ensuring our team is compensated for every hour they dedicate to their craft. Beyond wages, our benefits package is designed to support and enhance our team’s well-being and work-life balance, including generous paid time off, profit sharing, and gym membership discounts among other perks. We continuously monitor the market to maintain an industry leading compensation and benefit package. The combination of culture, compensation, and benefits ensures that SS&L remains an exceptional place to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications or experience levels are required to apply?

Our robust and efficient training program is accommodating to applicants of all backgrounds and experience. We’re glad to discuss how you can fit in with our team. Email us at

If I am unlicensed, what does SS&L do to help me get licensed?

We offer a number of incentives to encourage our staff to pass the ARE and finish the path to licensure. These include hourly raises for each exam part passed, a bonus for passing the ARE promptly, cost of tests are covered by the firm, and many more. In addition to these, SS&L has a large library of study resources of which all staff members have access. Your professional development is valued at SS&L because we want our people to be best equipped to provide Quality by Design.

How does SS&L support work-life balance for employees?

We are very clear about our commitment to our people. To that end, we ensure that our staff members enjoy a fulfilling experience outside of the office. Our team encourages engagement in the community, in both professional and interest-based organizations. With ample PTO and holidays, our team members are sure to have plenty of time to rest and enjoy life.

What is the management structure at SS&L and what can my path look like?

Our firm is set up to meet each individual where they are, and build their skills, and prepare them for leadership and management roles. Firm Directors take charge in leading many efforts such as operations, marketing, and many others. From there, the Principal Architects lead the firm, carrying out our mission and steering proper campaigns that drive business and promote a working environment that is enjoyable for all.

What is the company’s policy on remote work and flexibility in hours?

We encourage all employees to begin their careers with us in an office setting. This allows proper hands-on training to take place from those with more experience. Employees are permitted to work remotely as circumstances require. Flexibility in normal working hours is understood and a great benefit to our team members.

What is SS&L’s turnover rate?

As of 2024, SS&L’s turnover rate is about 3%. It is worth noting that the average turnover rate in the architecture industry is about 18%, six times SS&L’s. This is proof that our people are taken care of and feel a sense of belonging and pride in where they work.

What is the Paid Time Off (PTO) policy and does it roll over each year?

Our employees enjoy 15 days of PTO each year with the ability to roll over unused balances each year. This balance is accrued over time, rather than a lump sum each year. In addition to the 15 days of PTO awarded each year, SS&L employees also benefit from eight observed paid holidays each year.

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Employee Testimonials

“The culture at SS&L fosters growth, molds leaders, and develops influential members of our communities while supporting the needs of every individual. Our people are the reason for our ongoing success.”

Jake Johnson

“SS&L excels in many areas, but what I am most thankful for are the people. Our team make our workplace so special!”

Logan Craik

“Since day one, SS&L has gone above and beyond to meet my needs professionally and personally. From the principals to directors to managers, they all make you feel at home.”

Jose Solorzano

“SS&L is committed to fostering growth in employees. The firm is quick to invest in its people for growth, both professionally and personally. I have received tremendous support in becoming licensed.”

Chase King

“At SS&L, I gained valuable experience early in my career in project and office management. As a working mother, they have also supported a fulfilling career as well as my family needs.”

Cody Smith

“Joining SS&L early in my career eased the path to licensure through an abundance of support, access to resources, and mentorship that I received from everyone in the company.”

Michelle Enfinger

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